Fragaria vesca

FROZEN CARTONS WITH PLASTIC BAGS 5-15 kg/net fixed weight
PE BAGS 20-25 kg/net


Senga Sengana This variety originates from Germany and it’s commercially the most important strawberry cultivar in the world. It ripens late (middle of 3rd May decade), while its maturing period lasts for some 20 days. It’s very adaptable and bears fruit regularly and in abundance. The fruit is of average size (12g), cone or heart shaped, and dark red in color. The flesh is firm, succulent, sweet-sour in taste and of high quality, just like the juice. It bears transport and freezes well. It’s also very convenient for fresh consumption.
Honey The cultivar that ripens early, bears a good yield throught the season. It`s hardy to frosts and tolerant to diseases of leaf. The fruit is firm, average in size, in vivid red color, very tasty. It freezes excellently. Genetic potential of this variety is 900-1050g (round 10g per fruit).
Clery This cultivar gives large, firm, cone shaped, bright red fruit, round the middle of May. It has good taste and aroma. Cold winters can result in limited crop. The fruit bearing season is long, but with substantially larger, glossier and tastier fruit at the start.
Arosa This is a late maturing variety which gives fruit of excellent consistency, taste and aroma.
Alba The cone shaped fruit from this cultivar ripens in mid-May and is of vivid red color, shiny, and firm in texture. Strawberries have average mass of 27-30g (up to 50g); they taste good, and bear manipulation well. The fruit collecting lasts for some 10 to 15 days, and the quality is levelled. The dry matter is similar to the CLERY variety, but it has higher acid level.
Roxana This cultivar gives elongated cone-shaped fruit, with average mass of 26-28g, and slightly less firmness than ALBA. The fruit is bright red in color, has excellent taste and is commercially highly valued. The harvest is some 12 days later than collecting of ALBA.