By investing into modernizing and upgrading of cold stores and plantations, we secure the needed quantities and quality, in accordance to our client’s demands. That way, our clients are secured by an effective supply chain management in form of:

  • crop to crop contracts with corresponding long-term, firm prices.
    Constant focus on market changes, with adequate reactions to seasonal alterations, enables us to achieve a balanced price / performance ratio, qualifying us to win, and in the long-term keep, the trust of our clients.
  • expert choice of supply source, very wide and strict, in accordance to the product specifications from our clients, supported by quality standards: HACCP, ISO 9001/2000, IFS, BRC, while some of them already have EUREP/GLOBAL GAP.
    Beside the up-mentioned standards, we also identify individual performances of each manufacturing source, which we optimize and synchronize, on requirement, to specific needs of our clients.
  • continuous audits, loading control, necessary laboratory analyses and full traceability.
    During each step in the cooperation chain, a motivated and competent team of employees is always available to our customers.
  • support in product development.
    The achieved pioneer projects in the development, product processing innovations, and product placement, drive us to the new challenges, and enable us to confirm partnerships in both directions.